We’ve finally launched

It’s been in the making for well over a year now, but we’re stoked to be able to say that RoadHuntr’s now available to the public! You’re free to go sign up right now and start hunting for new roads.


What is RoadHuntr?

This is simply a place for explorers to share their favourite roads. Whether you drive a car or ride a motorbike or bicycle, RoadHuntr is the place to find and share the ULTIMATE roads.

By signing up for an account, you’ll be able to vote on roads, leave your opinion, save roads to your wishlist and, or course, submit new roads.


How are roads ranked?

We devised a way of scoring roads based on all sorts of criteria. It’s pretty complicated so I won’t go into its inner workings, but basically it’s a percentage of how epic a road is.


Is RoadHuntr free?


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