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Mount Nebo / Mount Glorious Mountain Run

Mount Nebo / Mount Glorious Mountain Run

Queensland, Australia

  • 93%
  • 54.6 km
  • 1h 2m 32s
    Drive time
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Location Queensland, Australia
Elevation No data
Length 54.6 km
Drive Time 1h 2m 32s


  • One of South East Queensland's most notorious and fast driver's and rider's roads is the Mount Nebo and Mount Glorious run which takes the keen motorist through from the base just past The Gap all the way through the D'aguilar State Forest. With unusually high speed limits for the roads, twists, turns and long straights this road is an enthusiast's dream. Unfortunately due to its popularity it is heavily policed so enjoy the road within the speed limits and you can still have an absolute ball. This road is best avoided through the nights where people go absolutely crazy on the road with it being known for high speed runs and occasional drifting though I believe this has been curbed in recent years with the higher law enforcement presence. Overall - if you're a sensible driver/rider who wants a bit of fun within a quite high speed limit range for the road this is a total must.
  • Really nice piece of road, there are plenty of lookouts along the way you can stop and take in the views at or talk with friends you've brought along. There are twisty sections with an 80km/hr speed limit that allow you to have a little fun within the long arm of the law. Some sections have quite a bit of leaf litter on the outer edge where the forest overhangs the road, so drive carefully. As already said, due to its popularity the police are there in force to curb stupidity. It's quite possible to enjoy this road legally though.

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